Discover how you can use your personal brand story to boost conversions

Join me for a 1 hour LIVE Discover your brand story workshop.

You’ll learn the three easy steps to finding the stories you need to tell – and HOW to tell them.


Thursday 18th of November – 11am AEST

You’re always telling your story – whether you realise it or not.

When you take charge of the narrative for your brand, marketing and content creation becomes easy.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use the power of personal stories in your branding and messaging.

  • Learn WHAT makes a good story
  • Learn HOW you can steal the secrets of the best storytellers
  • Learn WHICH stories to tell at different stages of the customer journey
  • Learn HOW to start sharing stories without being spammy or oversharing
  • Leave LOADED up with a bunch of story ideas and templates ready to share

BONUS:  Everyone who attends the LIVE workshop will get a FREE 2022 strategy plan for sharing stories in your content plan.

You know you have a powerful story to tell - so what's holding you back?

Remember when you were a kid, and loved to write stories?

Maybe that’s the reason you got into education in the first place.

But now you dread having to sit down and write marketing messages because there’s so much pressure to get it ‘right’.

Guess what?  Telling stories should be fun – not a chore.

Somewhere along the way storytelling has just another ‘must-do’ on your to-do list. And no one has shown you how to write those all-important stories some ‘expert’ told you to have.

Let’s send 2021 off with a bang and have some fun creating attention-grabbing, engaging stories you can use right away to boost your 2022 enrolments.


Sign up and learn how to start using stories in your brand for better conversions.

Thurs 18th of November at 11am (AEST)








Telling stories should be fun


You're tired of the same old brand messages

Maybe someone else did your original brand story, or you’ve just made it up as you went along, but now you’re ready to explore some new ideas.


Your brand message doesn't quite fit

Brands grow and change – and as your business changes, your messaging needs to adjust to fit the new you.


You don't know how to start with brand story

In the mass of marketing messages, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel like it’s all too hard.



Not another boring branding workshop – this is a chance to play around, get creative and get all those story ideas out of your head.