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Curriculum Development

Bring your course ideas together with a professional writer who can create workshops, presentations and course packages that will be a joy to teach and learn from.


Having the right words is just the beginning. To find your ideal students, you need to let them find you too with great SEO website copy.

Editing and Proofreading

When almost isn’t good enough. A final professional edit and proofread will take your copy from whoa to WHOA!


Educational articles

Education and training blogs and articles to support teachers, parents, students and school administration on education topics.

Course and product marketing

You’ve got the course, built the website and  done all the SEO.  Promote your course,products and educational services with SEO that makes people want to buy.

SEO strategy and Audits

You’ve written the best education curriculum. Your website is looking spiffy. But no one's finding you - we'll sort out why.


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SEO Copywriter Melbourne


SEO Copywriting for websites, blogs, articles, sales pages, Email campaigns and promotional materials


Education Writing

Bring your course ideas together with a professional writer who can create workshops, presentations and course packages that will be a joy to teach and learn from.


SEO Services

You’ve written the best education curriculum. Your website is looking spiffy. But no one’s finding you – we’ll sort out why.

SEO audits, keyword reports and consultations



I’m Tanya Abdul Jalil,

I’m the founder and head Education Copywriter here at Hayzel Media, leading a team of qualified and experienced Educators turned Copywriters who know their AQF’s, ACARA’s and ASQA’s like their ABC’s. We’re ready to turn our magic wands to helping your Education and Tech brand with all your writing needs. 

Here at Hayzel Media, we’re SEO Education Copywriters who love nothing more than helping Education and Training brands find their voice and shout their story to the world.

You know your stuff when it comes to the classroom, but sometimes it can be harder to articulate your own story in a way that connects with your audience.  If the world of social media and digital marketing makes you want to hide away and blend in like a chameleon, but we’ll help you dig deep and proudly show off your inner bright butterfly, proud peacock or unicorn colours to the world.

Education copywriter

Our specialist Education Writing Services include:

  • SEO Website content for Education businesses
  • Curriculum Writing
  • Editing and Proofreading
  • SEO optimised Product and Course descriptions

We offer a full range of services from training and DIY to VIP packages.

Our digital marketing and branding services include:

  • SEO Website content
  • SEO Audits and SEO Strategy
  • Editing and Proofreading
  • SEO Product and Course descriptions
  • Branding
  • Website design
  • Training and workshops


    Hayzel Media Education Copywriter

    Stuck for content ideas?

    Raise the bar with these 12 essential storytelling prompts. 

    Tailored for the education sector, they will help you tell your brand story in an authentic way that shows your ideal students who you are and what you do - without the fluff.

    Tanya Abdul Jalil Hayzel Media Education Copywriter


    I’m here to make SEO Easy 

    SEO is more than just the right words.

    SEO copywriting includes a lot of research into what your customers are looking for, what your competitors are doing and knowing the technical side of putting that into content that gets found.

    Just a few of the great brands we’ve worked with


    What our happy clients are saying


    “Her keyword research was detailed, her report was easy to understand and she went the extra mile in creating a video to take me through her report, step-by-step.

    Tanya provided exceptional keyword research for my client who had specific local SEO needs. She was easy to deal with in the lead-up to being engaged, an excellent communicator, and she provided me with excellent guidance when needed.  And the cherry on top was her very reasonable fee. I’d use her services again in a heartbeat.

    Kate Croker, 
    Copywriter, Kate Croker Copywriter


    “She was easy to work with and able to turn the work around quickly, so I could meet the deadline.

    I needed a professional copywriter who had experience writing educational material to cast their eyes over a landing page for a new online course. Tanya came back with recommendations to make the sales piece more enticing without changing the tone and voice.  I look forward to working with Tanya again.

    Jody Carey, 

    Copywriter, Jody Carey



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