Hayzel Media is branching out and publishing a range of books under our brand, Hayzel Media Publishing.
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Sixteen expert authors have come together to share insider strategies and inspirational stories to help the purpose first entrepreneur create:

★ Fantastic Business Owner Habits

★ Discover Mindset Secrets for Winning

★ Transform Any Relationship Conflicts

★ LIVE your best life NOW!

With the chaos of the world, business owners are feeling uneasy about the business, relationships, and life in general. We came together to help support the purpose first entrepreneur! 

When you purchase the book, you’ll get an opportunity to claim 16 bonus gifts! (Details on how to claim these gifts are inside the book) 

Here are some of the bonuses that are being offered! 

  • Become The Authority With Your Best-Selling Book FAST! – workbook
  • Relationship Savers (Ebook)
  • 7 Tips For Anxiety Reduction
  • Double Your Energy
  • True Self Discovery Workbook

About Tanya Abdul Jalil

Tanya Abdul Jalil is the founder and Creative Director at Hayzel Media.  She began her career in education before moving into the world of digital marketing.   Tanya works with education and training brands to help them craft messaging and content that will authentically connect with their audience.

Her approach to writing it to go beyond pushy sales formulas to create emotion driven content that connects and builds relationships with your audience.  Getting into the heart and soul of brands and finding what makes them tick is the secret to writing transformational content that converts your audience into raving fans.

Her ‘Expert Educator’ program launching in 2022 will give trainers, coaches and educators the skills and confidence to create transformational personal brands that connect with the heart of their students.  With content covering mindset, audience building, storytelling, brand voice, products and amplifying your messages, this landmark work will create a unique resource for Expert Educators to raise their profile and messaging through their personal brands.

Her decades of experience in the industry as an educator, trainer and writer have shaped her skills as a writer and storyteller.  From teaching in Catholic Primary Schools in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, to working in Skilled Migration where she spent her days training staff, managing large scale projects and presenting to legal bodies and government departments on a regular basis, she has honed her storytelling skills on stages across Australia and the world.  After having her three children, she sought the quieter life of SEO and Copywriting, and found herself building Hayzel Media.  She regularly presents training to on storytelling, copywriting, SEO and brand story.  She will be appearing as a guest speaker in 2022 at CopyCon, Australia’s largest copywriting conference.





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