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You need a writer who knows the AQF like their ABC’s, who understands VET accreditation, quality control, continuous improvement and compliance, with a dash of personality and humour (no one likes a bore). 

Look no further…

Education Writing Services

Curriculum Development

Bring your course ideas together with a professional writer who can create workshops, presentations and course packages that will be a joy to teach and learn from.

Editing and Proofreading

When almost isn’t good enough. A final professional edit and proofread will take your copy from whoa to WHOA!


Educational articles

Education and training blogs and articles to support teachers, parents, students and school administration on education topics.

Do you need a freelance education writer for your University, TAFE or private college?

You need someone who:

  • Understands deadlines sometimes means things are due yesterday
  • Shows initiative and understands the complexities of education writing
  • Knows your reputation as an education provider rests on quality writing, grammar and spelling
  • Can cast a critical eye over written communications and make sure they’re succinct, in plain English and get the message across. 

Get in touch today for a free quote and see how our team of specialist education writers can help your educational business with an affordable freelance education writer. 

A writer with a difference 

 Melbourne Education Writer is the answer to frustrated educators prayers. 

You know the feeling – deadlines are looming, projects are in danger of veering off into the ether.  If only you had a superhero in disguise who could step in and save the day.  Preferably one that brings her own red pens and can translate the intricacies of all the acronyms ACARA, AQF, RTO, VET

A writer who can jump into virtually any project and bring it a fresh voice and perspective that gets things back on track and deadlines back under control. 

Or maybe you’re a solo trainer – taking all those years of experience in your field out in the big wide world running workshops and courses – and you’re struggling with how to articulate who you are and why people should learn from you. 

With almost 20 years of experience in all levels of education, I’ve honed my  ability to turn complex concepts into manageable materials that make teaching and learning a breeze.

Since leaving the corporate workplace, I’ve retrained in SEO copywriting and digital marketing, building my portfolio of happy clients with shining websites and customised copy that Google and their clients are loving.

Now I’m bringing those skills together under a new brand, Melbourne Education Writer, where I offer my talents from both sides – education, training and development, as well as branding, websites and digital marketing.

Want to just hand your project over to a capable pair of hands to get sorted? Want to try and DIY but need a little handholding to guide you through the in’s and out’s of websites, marketing and branding?

No matter how big or small your project is – you’ve come to the right place.

Chosen by the best

With almost 20 years in education and training, our industry experience and knowledge in working with TAFE's, private colleges and education providers around Australia with their assessment and training needs and marketing, including:

Choose the Melbourne freelance education writer with a difference

  • When you need the flexibility of a freelance writer, with the skills of an in-house professional.
  • When you need someone who knows their way around curriculum, ASQA, RTO’s, and most importantly, project management to deliver quality on time.
  • When you need an editor and proofreader who can spot a typo at 1000 paces.
  • When you need well-researched content that takes your brand from Blah to Boom!
  • You need the writer who will deliver the goods,  on-time delivery. Every time.

An expert Education Copywriter with VET and ASQA industry experience

Some of the roles we’ve done before (that make me perfect for whatever project you have in mind) include:

– Teaching (classrooms, primary schools, adult education, workplace training,  presentations, workshops)

– Auditing and compliance

– Internal Auditing

– Training and Development 

– Presenting to state and federal government departments (Immigration, Education),  industry bodies (including the MARA, Law Society of Victoria, Engineers Australia, Australian Computer Society)

– Presenting around Australia and overseas

Tanya Abdul Jalil
Tanya Abdul Jalil

Lead Writer

I’m a Melbourne based writer and SEO copywriter with a background in education and training.
With an uncanny knack for finding the words to transform your business from one of many, to standing out in the crowd, I know what it takes to put together powerful brand messages that creates connection.

I know what it takes to make your brand voice heard.

I help training organisations, curriculum bodies, TAFE’s, Uni’s and independent trainers and facilitators build their brands through content that connects and engages their audience.

I offer full branding, website and content creation packages from DIY to full service, as well as instructional design, curriculum and course design services.  

Although I’ve long left the classroom, I love to keep my red pencil sharp and help polish writing pieces of all descriptions with editing and proofreading on demand.


I needed a fellow copywriter to take a look at an article I had written and tell me if I needed to change anything.
Tanya provided such constructive feedback and went above and beyond for me even though I was only expecting a couple of sentences of feedback.
I would highly recommend Tanya as a copywriter. Her copy is well thought-out, professional and high-quality!
Remi Audette

Copywriter, Remi Audette Copywriter

Tanya has provided my business with 6 months of content. And it is fabulous!!! It is an ideal resource for me to grow my business. Even though you said in our call that I was covering most things, you STILL managed to blow my mind with your content ideas. Thank you.

Naomi Dorland

Owner, Twinfo

I needed a professional copywriter who had experience writing educational material to cast their eyes over a landing page for a new online course.

Tanya came back with recommendations to make the sales piece more enticing without changing the tone and voice.

She was easy to work with and able to turn the work around quickly, so I could meet the deadline. I look forward to working with Tanya again.

Jody Carey

Owner , Jody Carey Copywriting

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