Need some fast Christmas cash?

Need some fast Christmas cash?

by | Dec 7, 2017 | work life balance

We’ve rounded up 10 ways you can make extra money in your spare time

There’s a feeling in the air – and it’s not just Christmas coming – it’s the sound of cash registers ringing all over the country.  As we prepare for the silly season, it’s also a tough season for many as we try and stretch every dollar that bit further.

If you’re looking to make some spare cash in the lead-up to Christmas, we’ve got some ways you can get started and earn some extra money today. We’ve rounded up some of the best ways to earn extra money in your spare time and pay off those credit card bills before the end of January.

Shopping Sites

If you haven’t heard of Cash Rewards – now is the time to join before you start your Christmas shopping.

This site works with your web browser to let you know if there are deals available for sites you visit.  You just click on the Cash Rewards activate button on the site, shop as normal, and receive a % of your shopping back as cash.  I’ve made cash back just by booking holidays, buying books and make-up, and doing my grocery shopping.

They currently have offers with Woolworths for free delivery on your first order, and you can always save 5% on Woolworths giftcards.  When you sign up using this link and make a purchase, you’ll get $5.00 as a thank you for joining, as well as $5.00 for every friend you refer who also makes a purchase.

Gift Cards

Not a way to make money – but saving money is just as good.   If you’re the last-minute gift type who usually buys gift-cards, why not buy them all online this year, and get cash-back to your account?  You can purchase gift cards through Cash Rewards to get additional cash back to your account, such as 5% from Woolworths or 5.6% from Bonds.  They have just about every major store covered, and have all the best coupons and deals for each, all in one place.  It’s a perfect win-win of saving and rewards.

Go old-school

If you’ve got some spare time and some skills – why not advertise yourself to your neighbours.  Make up a flier offering your services and drop it into the letterboxes and put one up at the local shops, or in the newspaper. You could offer your services in anything – gardening, cooking, pet walking, childminding, Christmas tree decorating or present wrapping (I’d gladly outsource that!), cake making, menu planning, washing and ironing – the list is endless.  Many people would gladly pay for someone to take these chores off their hands at this time of year, and would love to help someone local.  Many older people also don’t have access to the online service directories, so are always looking for reliable help.

Survey Sites

There’s a lot of bad press around online surveys, but there are a few gems among them.  If you choose carefully, make a dedicated email address for your account (for the inevitable spam) and check their payout rates (you don’t want to wait to long to get your money), you can easily earn some extra cash with surveys.

We love these two because they are easy to use, and have an app as well, so you can easily do a few surveys on your phone, or watch videos, or even get paid to play games.  Swagbucks also have special deals and promos, so you can do your regular shopping online, and get extra savings and cashback – win-win!



Got wheels?

Have you got a car and some spare time?  Why not apply to be an Uber driver?  You get paid weekly and the more you drive, the more you get paid.

Another great option changing the world of transport is Shebah. The service helps females, and children under 18 to get where they need to go safely.  Become part of their growing fleet of drivers, and make some extra cash.  Shebah pays 85% of fares to the drivers, and you can work the hours that suit you.

Freelance your skills

Whether you’re a whizz with graphics, have a way with words or can work your way around a website, there’s plenty of ways to freelance your skills.  Sites such as Freelancer, Upwork and Fiverr are perfect for building a reputation and making some spare cash on the side.

If you have more practical skills, a car or a good toolkit – Airtasker is a fantastic site to make some spare cash.  People advertise their needs – whether someone to help them move house, assemble some furniture, clean their AirBnB before the next guest arrives or even wrapping Christmas presents.

Although most sites will take a small percentage of your fees, you’re only limited by your creative writing skills and the time you can dedicate to your tasks.


Have you ever browsed Etsy and thought to yourself – I could make that?  Well – what’s stopping you?  If you’ve got the skills and materials, and maybe even some projects already underway, it’s very easy to set up your own Etsy store, and you can start selling your wares straight away.  Etsy offers advantages to sellers because they provide the market, and have an established brand and reputation. Their fees are also minimal and support small business to grow.

Local Markets

Local markets are also a great way to start selling your wares or trash and treasure after the Christmas cleanout – and the warmer weather is peak Fete and market time.  Local Market Finder has listings with lots of markets, or check out your local schools and churches and see if they are running a fete or car boot sale and book a stall.  You could even start selling home baked goods or your garden bounty, or home laid eggs at your local farmers markets.  Even better – book with a friend and share the costs and have double the goodies to sell.

If there are no markets coming up near you – why not get the neighbours together for a mega-garage sale?  It’s a great way to meet your neighbours, and you all benefit from the extra space and cash.

With a little creativity and spare time, you can ease the end of year financial pain, or start to build a nice little holiday fund by picking up some spare work on the side.  With school holidays rapidly approaching, it’s also a great time to get the kids involved and help them value the hard work that goes into all the present buying and food preparations.

Have you tried one of these ideas?  Share your tips for success below.

Some of the links above may be affiliate links.  By clicking an affiliate link, I may get a small bonus for referring you, and you get a great deal as well.  I only promote products that I personally believe in, that give you the best deals.


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