Suz E Bee Candles

SEO eCommerce website content and product descriptions 

Improving traffic and visibility for the Suz E Bee Candles eCommerce store

Suz E Bee Candles is a thriving handmade beeswax candle making business in the lush Hunter Valley of New South Wales.   The owner, Suzanne Blakestone, and I had worked together on many smaller projects, including setting up her Pinterest page, and creating plans for her content curation and social media.

Why engage an SEO Copywriter for ECommerce?

When she was ready to move to a new Shopify site, she turned to me for help with both creating the site, as well as writing updated product descriptions with SEO keywords and content for each product.  As an experienced copywriter with knowledge of both SEO copywriting and writing for eCommerce, I was able to create a site that drove more traffic to the site, increased sales and supercharged the site visibility by 5x their ranking keywords on Google.



Brand Identity

Telling the story of Suz E Bee Candles with a catchy and compelling Home and About  pages was an important starting point, as this connects Suzanne directly to her customers.

SEO Keyword Research

Knowing what customers were looking for and how to give Suz E Bee Candles a competitive advantage in an SEO driven eCommerce environment.

Product Descriptions

Engaging and descriptive, eCommerce SEO driven product descriptions were necessary to drive website traffic and increase sales.

 Challenges & Our Solution

Talented beeswax artist, Suzanne Blakestone was looking for a website that would let her showcase her work to the world and open up sales of her products worldwide.  Now that she was ready to start her new website, she turned to a professional copywriter who could handle a competitive eCommerce environment, transferring her website to the Shopify platform and make over 40 different beeswax products sound unique.  

The solution started with a detailed briefing – getting an overview of the business, as well as understanding Suzanne’s story and how she came to build her craft in beeswax candles was the first step.  Once I had an understanding of what she was after, we worked together to find the perfect Shopify templates, and then set about doing  in-depth SEO keyword research, defining product categories, and writing key website pages and product descriptions.

The result is a streamlined and functional site that highlights the products as the superstars of the business, and makes it easy for customers to browse and shop at their leisure. 


After launching the new site, there was an immediate increase in website traffic and sales as a result of the marketing and launch strategy.

The increased traffic and sales have continued with the site ranking on the first page of Google for over 24 unique keywords, and increasing their total volume of highly relevant ranked keywords to over 250.

A side benefit for Suzanne was that the product descriptions can easily be repurposed into engaging social media posts that drive traffic back to her site.


Increase in ranked keywords

Average time spent on site

Average customer spend

Client View

Tanya is amazing.

Suzanne Blakestone

Owner, Suz E Bee Candles

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