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Website content to establish voice as a thought leader and success coach

Rod Walker- Quantum Shift Success Coach is a Melbourne based success coach specialising in helping people create the life they’ve always dreamt of with ease.

Rod empowers people to live the life of their dreams by showing them how they can master their mindset, stop procrastination and start taking action on their life goals.

Why engage an SEO Copywriter for your coaching website?

Rod needed a website that would showcase who is, how he works, and give people the information they need to book and work with him all in one place.

When he was ready, he turned to Tanya (then at Your Business Wife) to help with both crafting a strong brand voice that could be used across all his platforms, and create a professional website.

After an extensive briefing and research period, I used my skills as a copywriter to create firstly a tone of voice document that captured Ron and his personality, getting an in-depth understanding of his ideal clients and what they were looking for in a success coach.


Ron’s site now allows him to establish himself as a thought leader and local voice in the success coaching industry through his upcoming events, videos, presentations, and blogs. 

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Brand Identity

In the crowded coaching market, it was essential that Rod stood out from the crowd and attracted his ideal clients.


SEO Keyword Research

Research into both the potential clients and competitors is essential in giving Rod a market leading edge through SEO.

The personal touch

Crafting a tone of voice consistent with Rod’s voice and his coaching style gives potential clients a feel for who he is and what they get when they work with him. 

 Challenges & Our Solution

After 20 years as a financial advisor, Rod was used to helping people achieve levels of success with their wealth.  Before branching out into success coaching, he saw that money was only one part of the happiness puzzle. 

As his business grew, he needed a website to match the success of his business and could showcase his thought leadership and programs.

He turned to a professional copywriter who could not only help him stand out against the crowd, but help attract his dream clients. 

In a world full of Tony Robbins wanna-be’s, Rod wanted a website that would allow him to stand tall and shout out his message in his own voice.

The solution began with detailed briefs – going right back to the heart of his business – exploring the why’s and how’s of staring his coaching business, who he worked with, where he saw his business heading and how his story shaped the coach he has become.

After some research into customer profiles, competitors, and the market, I set about defining the tone of voice that would set out exactly who Rod is, how he works, and the features and benefits of his programs.

Once the tone of voice was developed, it was just a matter of laying out all the relevant information into logical pages on the website, highlighting the process to work with him, and telling his story.

The result is a professional website that tells Rod’s story, building a clear picture of what clients can expect when they work with him and sharing his thought leadership that he uses to transform lives through his coaching.


As a new website, it takes some time to build traffic, especially in a crowded market.  However, thanks to the clever marketing and promotion, Rod was able to see an immediate surge in website traffic and sales as a result of the marketing and launch strategy.

The increased traffic and sales have continued with the site continuing to showcase Rod’s events, seminars and regularly updated blogs that build his profile as a thought leader and expert coach.

A side benefit for Rod was that his branding and product showcase with clear features and benefits means it’s easy for him to repurpose content for videos, presentations and engaging social media posts that drive traffic back to the  site.


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Client View

Tanya did a fantastic job with my branding, crafting a message that is really ‘me’.  She is a one in a million and the queen of content writing. 

Rod Walker

Owner, Quantum Shift Success Coaching

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