Upskill while working at Job

Upskill while working at Job

by | Jun 12, 2018 | Career change, career goals, career planning, Job Applications


Twenty four hours are not enough. It can feel that way if you are trying to find time to better yourself. Continuously learning is the perfect way to keep from being replaced and not being able to find a new job.

Think about all the people who worked in Manufacturing for years and then suddenly found themselves without a job in a world that had moved on. If you continued your development in other areas, you would have been able to transition to something new.

In today’s global and fast-paced world, layoffs and reorganizations are commonplace as companies try to keep up. Gone are the days where you could start at a company in your twenties and work there through retirement.

Keep yourself moving and continually upskill. Read on for ways on how to carry out upskilling in your spare time.

How To Fit It In

Be organized with your schedule. While you are at work you need to focus only on work. Schedule out time that is focused strictly on upskilling. During the workweek, fit in small focused sessions to get things done.

Try getting up thirty minutes early to do assigned reading. Take your lunch break and go to Starbucks to work on your assignments.

The most time you will have to work on your assignments is the weekend. Make a task list for the weekend and try to knock out as much as possible on Friday night and Saturday.

That way if you decide to go out with friends, you will still have Sunday to finish things up.

Being focused and determined will keep you on track. Once you get into a rhythm of fitting it in, it will just be a matter of sticking to your schedule.



Flexible Options

If you want to go back to school, you don’t have to quit your job. There are so many flexible options out there today. You can consider a local college in your area and see if they offer classes at night, most do.

You can go to school on a part time bases so that you are only taking one or two classes at a time. This will keep you from being overwhelmed while working.

Your local college is not the only place to look though. So many high level colleges offer completely online degrees. Many state colleges offer flex options too, particularly for degrees where people are typically already working like an MBA.

The University of Florida offers both options and is one of the best business colleges ranked currently for the value and cost.

A newer phenomenon has also emerged where experts in their field are offering online courses that they have created.

This way you can learn from someone who has been successful.

Udemy is probably the biggest platform currently with a database full of topics at reasonable prices.

Also try a google search for the skill you want + online course. For example, if I want to learn graphic design I would search google for “online course in graphic design”.

You will find a variety of both free and paid online courses. Then you can choose which one is the best fit for you. The best part is, there is typically no time frame attached so you can learn at your own pace

Upskill at Work

Don’t forget about using your time at work to upskill. Take advantage of any trainings your company offers. This is typically free to you and is something you can add to your performance review.

If you work for a large company there is likely a Training & Development team that plans training offerings for the company on a regular basis.

Many companies post these opportunities on the Human Resources website. If you are unable to find the information, ask you r manager or HR representative. Companies frequently offer things like Communications and Organization training.

In addition, there are likely trainings that are specific to the industry your company is in.

Another thing to consider is if your company offers tuition reimbursement. If you are going for a certification or a degree that is beneficial to your current field, research to see if this benefit is available.

Not only will you be reimbursed for the cost of the training, your manager will likely be impressed that you are taking the initiative.

If you are just looking for more experience, try cross-training at work. Ask your manager for new opportunities. If you are interested in moving into another department, ask your manager if there is an opportunity to help that team out from time to time.

You could also volunteer for team projects which help you gain experience in activities outside your current responsibilities. You manager will be impressed that you are so interested in learning and the other teams will be happy for the extra help.


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