Change to a career that makes a difference

So many of us are tired and overworked.  We would love to have more time to give back to the community, but have nowhere to fit this into our busy lives.   At the same time, we’re giving hours a week to soul-less jobs that are sucking out our spirits.

Imagine if your career could give you meaningful experiences, which make a difference to the lives of your community.  And you might not even need to go back to study to do them.

If you’re looking for some alternative career ideas, like switching to a career as an electrician, this list may spark a new idea.  When looking at a new career, you need to consider if you want to retrain from scratch, if you could add-on to your existing qualifications with more study, or could make a direct move to a new role.

If you’re looking for ideas, or have always wondered “what if…”, then read on…

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From health worker to the military

Health and science degrees are highly valued by employers.   Studying in the sciences gives you people skills and empathy for others, as well as critical thinking, research and analysis skills.

If you have grown tired of the same old routine, though, or have thought about a new direction, a career as a health professional in the military might be just what you need.  As well as offering opportunities for travel and adventures, you could be bringing your nursing or medical skills to interstate or to international disaster zones.    If you already have a science degree, the military might be a way to gain further qualifications in medicine or nursing and be paid to study and work at the same time.  With a range of exciting career opportunities in the Army, Navy and the Air Force, you can join world-class teams and use your skills to help your own and international communities.

Community careers

Military careers can give you the chance to travel the world.


With great benefits on offer, generous salaries and ongoing support and training, you’ll be making a difference and being rewarded in your career.  The military also offers many opportunities for advancement and ongoing professional development.

 From businesswoman to firefighter

Love keeping fit and healthy?  Love a challenge?  Looking for a bit more excitement in your life?  A change of career to firefighting might be just what you need.  Firefighting may not a traditional career choice for women but is becoming increasingly popular.  Gone are the old days of “boys clubs” and machismo, these days they are inclusive and welcoming to women as well.

The beauty of firefighting is you can train and upskill whilst keeping your day job.  If you aren’t sure if firefighting is for you, you might consider volunteering as a firefighter with the CFA (or volunteer firefighters in your state), or the SES in your state.

If you are community minded, enjoy working as part of a team and are looking for a career with opportunities for progression, and the chance to train and educate others, then firefighting might be the answer.

Want to ride a bike at work? Maybe a police career is the answer.


From psychologist to detective or police officer

A psychologist’s work is studying the human mind.  Psychologists have an interest in understanding motivation, mental health disorders and the intricacies of human and understanding what motivates people. It’s no wonder women with this career could end up as a detective or a police officer since they could better understand victims, law offenders, and criminals.   Although more training at the Police Academy would be required to become a full-fledged police officer or detective, there are many support and research roles which you could use your psychology background as a perfect basis for.   Most of the time psychologists who become law enforcers directly interact with criminals while their work could also be behind the desk. There are many benefits to serving the community as a police officer, as well as opportunities for promotion and career enhancement, professional development and being part of a team.

Career change from teaching

Teaching degrees offer a fantastic set of skills (I should know, I was one, once upon a time!)  Public speaking skills, people management, organizational skills, research skills, evaluation skills and analysis, as well as being creative.

As a teacher, you are immersed in the lives of others all day long.  If this is part of the job you love and want to have in your next career, you might consider other jobs such as journalism, nursing, teaching in an adult, special education or early childhood setting, or even a career in politics.

Successful teachers understand the differences that unite people, from all backgrounds.  They can bring together the class and get them working for a common goal, and create a strong team ethos.   Although politicians get a bad rep sometimes, at heart most of them are in the job because they care about their communities and want to make a difference in people’s lives.  A teacher has the heart to impart knowledge, to help people and to come up with the best way to connect with people and thus a career in politics is not such a very unlikely one. A teacher with a sociology or legal major could be ready to take a political career but those who have another field of study may need to undergo more training and further exposure to finally be ready for a political endeavor.

Politics is not a career that should be entered into lightly, and with only altruistic motives, though.  It would be a mentally, physically and intellectually draining job, not to mention being in the public eye and targeted in the media.   If you are considering a career move to politics, but don’t like the idea of being under public scrutiny, you might consider a role with the local council, state education department, or work in a research or policy support role.


Before making a career change, consider what it is you like and don’t like about your current role.  Is there something similar you can do, without needing a major change?  Do you need something more family friendly, or flexible?


Get to know your chosen career before you make any major moves.  Are there jobs available locally?  Will you need to add to your commute, or even move to a new area?  Are the hours flexible and family friendly if that’s what you’re looking for?  Will the job allow for growth if you are planning on having kids one day, or need to take time off for school sports days?

Let us know in the comments below  – would you love to move to a new career but not sure how?

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Emplyment Avenues| Imagine if your career could give you meaningful experiences, which make a difference to the lives of your community. And you might not even need to go back to study to do them. If you’re looking for some alternative career ideas, like switching to a career as an electrician, this list may spark a new idea.
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