Expert Educators

What is an Expert Educator?

Expert educators are professionals who take their specialist knowledge and move into a training, coaching or teaching role to help educate others on their specialist knowledge.

They may come from a wide range of backgrounds and fields, but are united in their purpose of passing on their knowledge or skills to others so they can be empowered or transformed in some way.

For example, some of the expert educators I’ve worked with include:

  • Marketing Specialists who train small businesses on how to DIY their digital marketing
  • Business professionals who create coaching programs for mindset, marketing, lead generation, Facebook advertising
  • Health professionals like personal trainers and coaches who create signature training programs
  • Cyber security professionals who create leadership courses for Cyber security graduates
  • Publishing professionals who teach business owners how to write a book
  • Copywriters who want to teach businesses how they can write their own content
  • Public Relations professionals who teach experts how to establish their profile as thought leaders
  • Graphic Designers teaching small businesses how to DIY their marketing assets
  • Maternal Health nurses who created a sleep training program for new parents

The Expert Educator program covers the 6 essential areas expert educators need to master to create strong, visible businesses.

The program recognises that expert educators are a mix of DIY fans and outsourcing professionals – so Just like every business is different, every expert educator will have their own journey through these stages.
The program is designed to allow flexibility and flow in your learning – as you move through each stage, you may skip over some steps, or go backwards and forwards as you master the different skills in your business.

Find yourself
Uncover your purpose in your business, establish your point of difference, overcome mindset and visibility blocks and smash the imposter syndrome.

Find your Audience
Get clear on who you serve, who are your competition, and how you can articulate the transformation you deliver.

Find your story
Get hands on with practical story telling skills – write your bio, about me page and learn how to create connection with your students through your story.

Discover your Brand Voice
Brand your content with a strong brand voice that will help you stand out from the crowd. Learn how to create a tone of voice document, turn your values and brand messages into marketing messages that convert.

Teaching is more than just what you do in the classroom. Learn how to build a suite of programs, courses, resources and teaching materials to diversify you income and create those enviable funnels that keep students flowing into your courses.

Amplify your message
All the essentials of crafting your website content, SEO, social media, content planning, blogging, book writing and podcasting. Choose the right platforms and strategy that will get your messages heard loud and clear by your next student cohort.