How to get the most of a career coach?

So, you’ve been struggling to get that promotion for quite a while now. You have almost done everything in the book to get that corner office. But, unfortunately you haven’t made it to the list. You have updated your LinkedIn profile, polished your resume and still you are not getting an interview call from the company in your wish list. Feeling stuck?

Enter the career coach. Part counsellor and part coach.

A clinically-trained career coach has the potential to guide you gently into your chosen field, fending off stiff competition as you go by providing practical advice on how to get that promotion or even a career change. They help tap into the behavioural side of what may be holding you back and how you can overcome those emotional obstacles. In case, you are thinking of employing the services of one, this is how you can benefit:

Primarily, be clear as to what you want. Is it a job change that you are looking for, a promotion in your existing one or a complete new job? Be 100% sure as to what you want. This is the best way to prepare for your session with the career coach. If you can identify what really attracts you to the position you are looking at, it becomes easier for your career coach to guide you. If you are clear as to about what exactly are you looking or not looking in a job, it’s half the battle won and ensures that your career coach can give valuable and focused inputs rather than beating around the bush.

Don’t choose in haste. You will come across career coaches who over-promise and under deliver. They will claim to change your career prospects at the snap of a finger. Be careful. Don’t let your desperation get the better of you. It’s indeed tempting to walk-in to your dream job after one session. But it’s not possible and a good career coach is going to tell you exactly that. Do your research and homework well. Choose one with proven credentials and a good record of accomplishment even if it costs you a little more.

Have realistic expectations. So, your goals are clear, you know what kind of career you want, you’ve reworked on your resume as per the coach’s instructions and now all that’s left is for you to land your dream job. But while a career coach can help you with your resume, tips on how to conduct yourself in an interview, they aren’t equipped to find you a job – only you can do that.

A career coach can help lay down steps for you, and how to approach that promotion, job change or a career change, it’s only you who can push the envelope and do all the hard-work. Thus, don’t have false or over expectations from a career coach. They can only help you prepare for the race. They can’t win it for you.


How to Get the Most Out of A Career Coach After doing everything in the book to getting that corner office, you still haven't made it to the list. Feeling stuck? This helps.