Why and how you should invest in yourself?

So, often in the rut of our daily lives, we ignore ourselves just not physically but also emotionally, mentally or professionally. As we grow-up and enter work-life or married-life, our focus of attention shifts either to others or tasks we categorize more important than us. We start ignoring us, in capital letters. Most of us, stop pursuing our favourite sport as we are busy taxing our kids from one sports class to the others. We start making investments in others and here ‘investments’, just doesn’t refer to financially.

Investing in oneself is one of the best and kindest savings one can have. Whether it’s learning a new skill or language, or developing oneself professionally or just about wanting to do something you’ve always one wanted to do.

Here are a few ways through which one can invest in oneself?

  • The foremost thing to do is to invest in your health. It might sound like a cliché, eating right in your youth, indeed takes you a long way. Make small healthier choices. Indulge with that slice of cake occasionally, don’t make not eating breakfast a habit. Take out time to exercise just a wee bit. It’s about discipline. These small steps will soon become a routine and make you happier.
  • Read educational books. Either buy books or get them from your local library. Be it e-books, audio books and even podcasts today, they are a haven of information and knowledge. These will help you build your expertise in an area. Start with 5 minutes a day routine, and gradually build it up.
  • Attend seminars and workshops. We are so time deprived that we’ll find excuses not to attend a seminar or workshop. Figure out the free ones, there are a lot of free webinars that one can attend. Again, these seminars and workshops by experts are a
  • Invest time in your creativity. You’ve always wanted to learn how to play the guitar or a language. It’s never too late and you are never too old. Just go for it. The kind of satisfaction you’ll get in learning a new art form, language, or any skill, is unparalleled.
  • Invest in your confidence. Whether it’s that haircut that makes you feel more confident or enrolling in that public speaking class, just go for it. Feeling good about oneself, is an important step towards nurturing your emotional and mental well-being

When we invest in ourselves, a world of opportunities and doors open for us. We are happier. If we are happy, we pass that on to people around us. The way you invest, in yourself reflects in your overall personality. So, just do it!

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