Update your resume and get that job

Update your resume and get that job

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Having a current resume is extremely important, but even more necessary than improving yearly is to update it every time something changes. A résumé simply cannot stay static as long as we are continually changing and creating new memorable experiences. Updating your résumé regularly is a major operation if you want to stay competitive whether you are looking for a job or not.

Why you should keep your résumé up to date:

The case of good or bad times:
In uncertain economic times, downsizing can occur to the best of us. Or perhaps you hear of a fantastic new role that closes tomorrow.  If that happens, you will be ahead of the competition with a properly updated resume.

Jogging your memory:
As you move to new projects, it’s easy to forget what your key successes were on different projects.  Taking a regular time our to update your résumé (or even keep a record somewhere) of what your role was and how well the project went will make updating and applying for jobs a breeze.

Response on the go:
Imagine you’re at a business event.  You meet someone who works for your dream company, and they’re recruiting now.  They ask you to send through your résumé the next day for them to pass on to their manager.  Do you really want to be up all night finding all those bits of information about your projects?

Having your résumé ready to go also means you’ve had more time to edit and refine your work, and spot any typos.   In addition to that, you risk creating a résumé that does not correctly show why your work experience, accomplishments, together with knowledge make you the most suitable person for the opportunity.

If you don’t update your résumé regularly, you may forget to do it efficiently when you need to apply for a job.

How to Update Your Resume

In the 2017 job market, a well-streamlined resume with engaging content can turn your dream job into reality quickly.   Savvy recruiters will be looking at up to date fonts, formats and layouts, and you don’t want your résumé to look outdated or get lost in the crowd.

Here are some useful tips on how to update your résumé:

Write a killer summary statement. Don’t start with a career objective:
Opening a résumé with an objective or career goal is old-fashioned, and the one thing that is often not tailored for each job.  Nothing will make a potential employer put your resume aside faster than seeing your career goal is in a completely different field.   It adds no real value, and takes up valuable space. Alternatively, you are going to want a specific title and a powerful summary statement at the beginning of your résumé, highlighting the things you have to offer potential employers.

Remove unnecessary personal information:
Your résumé is prime real estate to sell your ability to do the job. Don’t waste this with unnecessary clutter.  Recruiters in Australia don’t need to know your religion, marital status and what you look like.  Likewise, sports you played in high school, political affiliations and volunteer work more than five years old should all go.

Keep it simple and attractive. Don’t allow your résumé to run on and on:
When adding a new role to your résumé, check if there is something else you can remove. Recruiting managers recommend limiting your résumé to two pages and including only job experiences and skills that are relevant to the role for which you are applying.

Optimize it with keywords and don’t use an old template:
Many recruiters now use tracking software to screen resumes before they land in the hands of the hiring managers. Give yourself the greatest chance getting past the robots by using industry-based keywords in your résumé by using a specific template because you can’t optimize your résumé effectively with the relevant keywords within the confines of an old template.

This is especially important in roles where being up to date with technology and social media platforms is a given.  Using a professional resume writer can get you access to top formats. Using outdated fonts and formats will date your résumé (Comic Sans, anyone?), and having complex tables or footers may make all your hard work appear differently in different computers.

Create a LinkedIn profile and give the link in your résumé:
Take charge by creating and including a URL to your professional LinkedIn account on your résumé to further promote your skills and abilities.  Remember to remove your personal contact details first.  If anyone really wants to head-hunt you, they can contact you via LinkedIn or your email address.

Review and check thoroughly:
Eliminate careless errors, take a new look the following day and ask for a second opinion from a dependable friend, mentor or colleague.

Employment Avenues| A resume cannot remain static as long as we are continually changing and creating new memorable experiences. Updating your résumé regularly is a major operation if you want to stay competitive whether you are looking for a job or not.


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