I quit my job today.

I quit my job today.

by | Jan 29, 2017 | Career change, teaching | 11 comments

Have you ever dreamed about walking in the door and declaring to your loved one “I quit work today”? I did that to my yet-to-be husband many years ago.

Was it everything I dreamed of?  Not really.  I had no other job to go to.  No income for the foreseeable future.  Although I had teaching qualifications, I had only ever worked in one other school and was burnt out, tired, anxious and depressed.  I hated the work, the hours, and the pressures of teaching.  I came to the point where I was doing no one any favours, especially the children,  by staying and being unhappy.

SO, how did I do it?  Luckily we didn’t have big commitments yet like a mortgage or kids, so I was able to wallow for a while and plan my wedding. This gave me some time to reflect on what I thought I would be good at, and where my interests were.

Looking back on my resume from that time, my transferable skills from teaching were extensive.

Teaching taught me how to speak confidently in public.  How to be organised with my time and plan ahead.  How to have tricky performance conversations. And importantly, how to deal with conflict and work as part of a team.

The role of a teacher is to research, analyse and re-present information in different formats.  Teachers need to account for the different audiences and learning styles, and keep meticulous records.  They must be up to date with technology, and have excellent written communication skills.

Sounds a bit like a job ad doesn’t it?

On top of this, I had to consider my own interests and skills.  I liked reading, cooking and going out to dinner.  All very worthy, but it was unlikely that someone would pay me to do them.

I thought for a while I might become a celebrant, because I’d seen a few recently and felt I could do it better.   Some research soon showed that it wasn’t that easy and you can only really perform ceremonies on the weekends when people are free.

I thought I could be an editor, because it looked easy and I could work from home.  I signed up to edit some “easy guides to…” and quickly realised I am a master procrastinator and flourish with a schedule and time frames.  I also love working collaboratively with people, and editing is not really a team sport.

What I really wanted was to help people.  At the time, we were helping a relative prepare his visa application, and I was doing some research for him. And I loved it.  And I found jobs that I never knew existed.  So, I started researching more, and found companies that did assessments for skilled migration.  In my researching, I found a company that was looking for new assessors. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Quitting all those years ago without a backup plan was risky and a bit silly in hindsight.  And I certainly wouldn’t recommend it unless you’ve got some resources to tide you over until something better comes along.  But it turned out to be life changing when I started paying attention to the little voice that keeps asking, “what if?”

What if I could get that promotion?

What if I could go back to study? Yes, even as a parent.  Even when working full-time.

What if I could be part of an awesome group of like-minded professionals that became your network?

What if I could find my dream career and set the wheels in motion to success?

That’s where Employment Avenues comes in.  We can help you with whatever your career needs to give it that little boost – to get you closer to your dream job.  Whether it’s building a professional network, going back to study, getting your résumé up to scratch for a promotion or new role, or starting out in a new city or country.

Having all the resources you could ever need in one place, this is a place to build your new networks, meet your next boss or colleagues and get the best career support to succeed, no matter what role you dream of.

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Don’t wait for the end of another year to start making the changes to your dream career.

Employment Avenues| Have you ever dreamed about walking in the door and declaring to your loved one “I quit work today”? I did that to my yet-to-be husband many years ago.



  1. Violet Daugharty

    I am curently considering leaving the classroom at the end of this school yr. I have 18 yrs experience teaching middle school science and some social studies. I am currently completing the final semester at the local university to be able to add online teaching endorsement to my certification. I would like to see other options that would be available for my skills.

  2. Yvonne Morris

    What other jobs can I use teaching and criminal justice with?

    • Joni Organ

      I am a community educator and former LEO, there are opportunities in consulting depending on your expirence. Policy development is especially needed.

  3. Miriam Vazquez

    I been a teacher for 28 years and I sometimes I would like to change my profession. Great article!

  4. Keven Kelly

    I quit teaching too. I loved it at first when I felt if I touched one life I was successful. But over 40 years, things changed so much it was a daily battle. Parents complaining, students tormenting, administrators harassing and humiliating. And all for 60’hours a week and poverty wages. There has to be a better way to impact the world and keep one’s sanity. Such a shame. I used to love my job.

    • Rachel Kratzer

      I used to love teaching, but after 35 years I’m ready to leave it. The yearly evaluations and lesson plan format is ridiculous and too time consuming. Unruly little students whose test scores and behavioral issues I’m held accountable for are just too much. On my evaluation for the area of Student Growth I earned a score of Highly Effective, but then told I was to complete a 20 hour course on writing differentiated lesson plans and another on managing problem students. CRAZY!

  5. Kelly Brasher

    I am leaving at the end of the month after 27 years. I have great organization, planning, research, and computer skills. Any ideas for ways to use them.

  6. Danielle Vitales

    I have been a lead pre-k teacher for 16 years. I have e.c.e units and some college but no degree. I often think about changing careers but I am hesitant because of my lack of education. I have been at my school for 14 years and loved it but things are changing for the worse.

  7. Desiree DeFrance

    Very helpful

  8. Lourdes Samuel

    I am a primary school teacher and I have 20 years of experience in teaching English, math andEvs. I want do something more creative and innovative, than to be tightly locked in a time table and work schedule frame. Need to break free.

  9. Zelina

    Inspiring article! After 15 years teaching I’m ready for a change. I’ve been looking for another career that would use all my expertise I’ve learned over the years. Certainly there has to be something out there for me, but what and where can I find it. I feel stuck and need guidance. Help!

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